S.I.L.O. Spa, which has always been attentive to the quality of detail and innovation in the technology sector, has participated in the Call for Tenders by the Tuscany Region - Line 1.5.a for a leader for a project involving industrial research and development titled "Fashion Chain Machinery & Plasma Solution
(FCM & PS)".

The project:

The R&D project was designed and established to have the aim of developing an innovative integration of products and processes by using new technology in advanced mechanics and nanometric deposition. The objective is to be able to make new non-precious metal jewellery featuring high functional performance and special iridescent effects.

Goal achieved:

Newly developed technology such as the innovative DLC treatment and new soldering powders and a Nd-Yag laser system, enabled the resolution of all problems related to the processing of non-precious metals with diameters greater than 4 mm.
Thanks to the prototypes developed and the new technology used, SILO has created a range of innovative products including jewellery and chains:


The new products feature an iridescent finish, which changes depending on the light and position, and better resistance to wear thanks to the new PVD treatment developed by Romana Film Sottili.

Environmental compatibility

The new galvanic environmentally friendly products, thanks to the use of new environmentally friendly baths developed by Valmet and UNIFI (2 Pb-free bronze baths and 2 nickel-free palladium baths).
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