Experience and talent

In 1964 Giancarlo Stocchi and Giuseppe Scortecci decided, with great entrepreneurial spirit, to fulfill their dream of giving life to a jewelry company and founded SILO: Italian Gold Manufacturing Company. SILO’s activities stem from and are still part of Tuscany’s Renaissance arts and crafts culture. SILO has become one of the main Italian jewelry producers thanks to its fast growth and development based on a strong internationalized business policy.

Silo’s continuity is entrusted to the management of the founders’ sons: Luca Scortecci, Marco and Roberto Stocchi. They are the entrepreneurs of the new momentum, who combine tradition and innovation in SILO vital evolutionary process. Professionalism and work culture are the precious values left as legacy to face new and challenging future business chances.
Image depicting the inauguration of the first production site in 1964.

The history of the Group

1964   SILO is established.
Inauguration of the first production site.
1977   Inauguration of the current headquarters.
1980   Inauguration of the ICM division, dedicated to technology research and development.
1986   Foundation of FCM division dedicated to the production of earrings, bangles and pendants.
2009   Foundation of Made4Fashion division dedicated to technological processing of non-precious metals.
Today...   SILO Industries, a major industrial centre specialized in the technologies for jewelry, in the design and the production of jewelry articles in precious and non precious metals.

The Group today

7.800   Covered square meters
6   Technologically advanced
internal divisions
50   Years of experience in the manufacturing industry
100%   Skilled labor
100%   Certified quality
100%   Made in Italy


SILO Industries has always conducted its activities in a ethical manner by respecting working people and the environment. This also belongs to the “Made in Italy “ idea. SILO‘s facilities are in compliance with the current Italian and European regulations.

It has its own 180 KW photovoltaic system for electricity production and it obtained ISO certification which is strictly in compliance with EU regulations.

High Quality

SILO Industries demonstrates the absolute fidelity to the values of the artisan tradition by requiring that each step of the production process - from the design to the final inspection, is internally overseen. The different skilled sections of SILO Industries Group show the strong determination to always obtain high quality products. In-house production guarantees clients of the complete monitoring of the products. SILO believes that this is the only way to ensure high quality for the “Made in Italy” brand.
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